ST is a member of the Finnish Chess Federation. It has about 150 Finnish members. On February 7th, 2015, ST had its 80th anniversary.

ST publishes its own magazine "Tehtäväniekka" and Finnish chess problem books and booklets.

ST organises national and international chess problem composing tourneys. It takes part in international team competitions in solving and composing.

ST is represented in the World Federation for Chess Composition by Hannu Harkola (1st Vice-President 2002-).

Meetings in Helsinki (Hiomotie 10) on every two Wednesdays 18.30-21.30. There are regular monthly meetings also in Tampere, Vaasa and Lahti.

Finnish Chess Solving Championship 2018

Saturday, 24 February 2018 at 13:00 at Shakkiareena, Hiomotie 10, Helsinki. The tournament is registered for the World Solving Cup. Invitation

International composing tourneys:

New Janne Syväniemi 50 JT New

International composing tourney for orthodox helpmates, in 3 or more moves, with odd number of solutions in the diagram position. No twinning or set play allowed. Prize 307 euros to be divided between the three best problems. Judge Janne Syväniemi. Send your originals by the 31st of May, 2018 to Neal Turner ( .

Jan Hannelius, Antti G. Ojanen, Osmo Kaila 100 Memorial Tourney

The Finnish Chess Problem Society announces three memorial composing competitions to honour three Finnish problemists born in 1916. To participate in the competition, you are invited to send your entries to the editors of respective originals columns of Tehtäväniekka, the Finnish chess problem magazine, not later than 31.5.2017. Entries will be published in Tehtäväniekka originals columns.

Jan Hannelius (7.12.1916 - 7.3.2005) 100 MT
The competition is for orthodox mates of any length, no set theme. Judge: Kari Valtonen.
Entries to Kari Valtonen, Hämeenpuisto 17-19 B 23, FI-33210 Tampere, Finland, email:

Antti G. Ojanen (1.9.1916 - 26.6.1988) 100 MT
The competition is for selfmates of any length, no set theme. Judge: Jorma Paavilainen.
Entries to Johan Beije, Korenbloemweg 83, NL-1338 XT, Almere, Nederland, email:

Osmo Kaila (11.5.1916 - 3.6.1991) 100 MT
The competition is for helpmates of any length, no set theme. Judge: Janne Syväniemi.
Entries to Harry Fougiaxis, Delvinou 4 GR-11363 Athens, Greece, email:

The announcement as pdf

Magazine "Tehtäväniekka" has four issues annually. The editor is Jorma Paavilainen. Originals are published in the following four sections: direct mates, helpmates, selfmates & fairies, and studies. More details.

Awards in composing tourneys

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