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Using Popeye for checking "single box" problems on Windows

>>> See "Important information" below! <<<

Using Popeye consists of the following steps:

1. Downloading the program
2. Writing a file containing the problem(s) to be tested
3. Running the program

1. Downloading the program

Popeye can be downloaded from the WWW site http://archiv.leo.org/pub/rec/games/popeye/.

Klick through "binary" to the directory containing the latest release (in Nov 2001, this is py373). This page contains links to everything needed:

Download these files into a new directory (such as C:\Program Files\Popeye)

2. Writing a file containing the problem(s) to be tested

The simplest way to tell Popeye what problem(s) to solve is to save a description of the problem(s) in a file. The py-*.doc files document the syntax of such a file. The example files contain a lot of examples.

Note: Below, links can be found to example files containing descriptions of the 3 example problems of section G of the WCCT. Using these files as templates is probably the easiest way to go.

3. Running the program

To run the program, Open a Command prompt (also known as "DOS prompt"), cd to \Program Files\Popeye, and then type the command

pywin32 <filename>

, e.g. pywin32 sbex1en.inp

Download examples (click the secondary mouse button on a link and save the file on disk):

German English French
Beispiel 1
Example 1
Exemple 1
Beispiel 2
Example 2
Exemple 2
Beispiel 3
Example 3
Exemple 3

Important information:

Addition 9th Dec. 2002:
Perform the downloading once more! One missing file is now included in the package, which comes now from a different server.

Popeye 3.75 contains an error that causes it to produce incorrect output or to crash when testing problems with the condition "Single box Type 2".

If you are using Popeye on Windows, please download py-wcct72.exe (270 kB) to the directory where you installed Popeye 3.75. From then on, use py-wcct72.exe for testing problems with the condition "Single box" (both types). Continue to use the regular pywin32.exe for other problems. py-wcct72.exe has been tested on Windows 98, NT4 and XP.

If you are using a self-compiled Popeye executable (e.g. on Linux), modify line 1351 of py5.c. In Popeye 3.75, this line reads

pja = pj;

Change this line to

pja = abs(pj);

Then perform the usual steps to compile a new Popeye executable.

NOTE: This is an unofficial modification of Popeye. The bugfix has been submitted to the Popeye team. Once the next official Popeye release is available, it is recommended that you use that release instead.

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