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8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Questions and Answers 11

Section D (studies)

Can pieces A and B be used more than once to make thematic moves?

Reply: Of course, they can (but be careful - see announcement, example 4).

In the position White: Ke8, Se6, Sg3 / Black: Ra5, is the sequence 1...Re5 2.Se2 thematic? (Can Se6 be pinned?)

Reply: Yes, it can.

In the position White: Bc2, Sf6 / Black: Ra6, is the sequence 1...Rd6 2.Bd3 thematic? (Does the rook move constitute a new attack on Sf6?)

Reply: Attacking a piece that is already en-prise looks inconsistent with the spirit of the theme.

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