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Works 1972−

ISA software

Cepstra in lin/Hz scale on Intelligent Analyzer ™ (ISA)

|X(k)|dB (k=0...N/2-1) = 20log10|SUM(w(n)x(n)e-jk(2π/N)n)|, n=0...N-1. |Y(k)|dB (k=0...N/4-1) = |SUM(|X(n)|dB e-jk(2π/N)n)|, n=0...N/2-1. Signaali x(n) = xa(nT), n=0...N-1, T on näytejakso, xa= analogiasignaali. Jos xa on mikrofonin jännitesignaali, niin xa(nT) = kPa(nT), jossa Pa on paine ja k on vakiokerroin.

Hamming-ikkuna w(n) = 0.54-0.46cos(2πn/(N-1)).

Blackman-Harris-ikkuna w(n) = 0.35875-0.48829cos(2πn/(N-1))+0.14128cos(4πn/(N-1))-0.01168cos(6πn/(N-1)).

Laskenta käyttää decimation-in-time (DIT) algoritmia.

Over the years, I have coded as a DSP man cepstrum
(1) for the Texas 16-bit TMS320 signal processor family in machine language,
(2) for Motorola's 16 and 32-bit M68000 microprocessor families in machine language and C language,
(3) for IBM 600 Series 32-bit PowerPC Microprocessor Family in machine language and C language,
(4) for Intel 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessor families in C++ language.

Signaalin ikkunointi tapahtuu Hamming-ikkunalla, suorakaide-ikkunalla tai yli 90 dB:n Blackman-Harris-ikkunalla.

Analysis pictures I have coded from the very beginning in Neon object-oriented programming language.

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Kepstri lin/Hz-asteikolla.

YIN lin/Hz-asteikolla.

FFT dB/Hz/Bark-asteikolla