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Shock #13 cover by Al Feldstein

After I fell in love with the EC Comics, I used to ask about those in many comic book shops "Do you know where I can find background information on EC Comics". I was told almost everywhere "No, we do not know". But the truth is opposite. There is very much infomation about EC Comics. So if someone has the same problem now, I have listed here some of the best reading to start with.

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  • 100 Years of Comics, Starlock (1999)
  • Barker, Martin: A Haunt of Fears. Strange History of the British Horror Comics Campaign (1984, 1992)
  • Benton, Mike: Comic Book in America (chronicle, publishers and genres) (1989)
  • Benton, Mike: Illustrated History of Crime Comics (1993)
  • Benton, Mike: Illustrated History of Horror Comics (1991)
  • Benton, Mike: Illustrated History of Science-Fiction Comics (1992)
  • Bernewitz, Fred  - Geissman, Grant: Tales of Terror (2000) (All EC covers) (The best EC reference book so far. Includes all covers,  full checklists and interesting articles) NEW
  • Blab 1: (EC and underground) (1986, reprinted 1993)
  • Comic Book Marketplace: EC tribute issue #80/2000 NEW
  • Diehl, Digby: Tales from the Crypt. Official Archives (EC history, including films and videos) (1996)
  • Duin, Steve - Richardson, Mike: Comics. Between the Panels (1998) See the game cover of this book
  • Estren, Mark: History of Underground Comics (EC and underground) (1986)
  • Full Edition of the Complete E.C. Checklist, by Fred von Bernewitz and Joe Vucenic (1974)
  • Geissman, Grant: Collectibly Mad. Mad and EC Collectibles Guide (1995)
  • Gerber, Ernst & Mary: Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books 1-2: (All EC covers) (1990)
  • Goulart, Ron: Over 50 Years of American Comic Books (1991)
  • Kurtzman, Harvey: From Aargh to Zap, Visual History of Comics (1991)
  • Malloy, Alex G.: Comics Values Annual. Antique Trader Books (1999)
  • Nyberg, Amy Kiste: Seal of Approval. History of Comic Code (1998)
  • Overstreet, Robert: Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (all editions) Read more about Overstreet guides
  • Overstreet, Robert: Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. 30th edition (Includes several EC articles) (2000) NEW
  • Reidelbach, Maria: Completely Mad. History of the Comic Book and Magazine (1991)
  • Sabin, Roger: Adult Comics. An Introduction. Routledge (1993)
  • Sassienie, Paul: Comic Book. One Essential Guide for Comic Book Fans (1994)
  • Savage, William: Comic Books and America 1945-1954 (1990)
  • Sling & Arrows Comic Guide. A Critical Assesment of over 2,500 Titles. Aurum (1997)
  • Thompson, Don & Lupoff, Dick: The Comic-Book Book. Arlingyon, Rainbow, Krause (1973, 1998)
  • Weist, Jerry: Original Comic Art. Identification and Price Guide (1992)
  • Wright, Nicky: Classic Era of American Comics (2000) NEW
  • Wright, Nicky: Meandering through the Vault (in Overstreet Update, November 1995)
  • Search from more information about most of previous books

For more information sources see Grant Geisman's Collectibly Mad:

  • Books with sections on EC Comics, page 105
  • Fan-oriented publications with EC-related articles, page 48
  • Other EC-related magazine and newspaper articles, page 57

If you have some other good information about EC Comics, please mail me or use Feedback Form. I will add the best links and other important EC information sources to these pages.

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