My name is Jarmo "jarkki" Willman

MOTTO: Don't worry, I can handle it - - aagh!


I'm really getting into Windows AutoCAD 2005 at the moment, but it's quite hard to get started in such a complex technical drafting program, but I fancy trying to get to grips with it.

Apart from work and studying I have always found time for my hobbies, too. I am a radio amateur or "Ham" as it is also called. This hobby goes back to my military time in Signal Corps. I have had a Toshiba laptop computer running fully automatic packet radio station OH3QN. Hopefully this system is going on-air again in the near future.

Want to see some "art" or play UFO Attack game?

One of my main leisure time interest is the Internet. So I love anything computeresque. I enjoy getting new PC-programs and trying them out. I also occasionally do some programming.

Want to see who's on IRCNet channel #lursa right now?

  • Photos from family album

  •  ! Aquarium pages (in Finnish, until I do some translation)

  • Very experimental page. You have been warned..

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