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What's NEW?

November 13th 2005
- Version 2.0 - Major update. The "What's new"-list is way too long to write here. Works now also with XP/NT. Full support for XP Themes etc. etc. Most of the code has been completely rewritten. The GUI is still the good old RamBooster GUI to make things easier for those who have been using Rambooster for years.

October 7th 1999
- Version 1.6 - Uses less resources than EVER, only about 1% of total. This is much less than any similar program.
-Uses less memory than ever. About 80 kb less than previous version.
Also the .exe size is about than 80 kb smaller. - I tested various methods to tell the user visually, that RB is optimizing the memory while sitting in the tray. (I received hundreds of e-mails about people wanting to actually SEE this happened) So I had to add an "animated" tray-icon. This increases the memory usage with about 20kb, but hey guys...you wanted it this way.
There is also an optional pop-up box that is shown when RB is doing its job.
- Fixed a "feature" that caused the slidebar position not to be saved if rebooted without exiting the program + much more technical stuff you don't want to know about.

June 24th 1999
Version 1.5 - Loads super-fast! Also the optimization method is faster. -_Lot's_ of internal improvements, very few of them are visible, you just have to take my word of it; RB works much nicer now. -No more splash-screen. -Optimized the code; .exe-size is about 30kb smaller. -No more html-help files, because TOO many people has difficulties with them, because they had to be installed to exactly to right folder. -Fixed incorrect hint-text on "Toggle mode" button. -Program supports now also large fonts, to make things easier for those with huge monitors.

June 7th 1999
- Version 1.41 - Received some e-mails asking if I could remove the menu if RB is running in the Monitoring-mode. Done. Better helpfile, contains more info about resources etc. Optimized the code a little bit. If nothing _fatal_ is found in RB, there will be no more updates in the few weeks, because I am working with a HUGE commercial project right now, so I guess, there is not much time to put for RB. After the project is finished, it is time to improve RB again. ALSO INCLUDING THIS INFO HERE: This does not actually belong here, but I have added it into download-page,and still I get e-mail about this : HTML Help-files DON'T work if the zip is not unzipped correctly. The "Use Folder info" MUST be selected when you unzip Ramboosterzip.zip.

June 1st
--------- Made the interface nicer. Added groupbox-components to separate the parts of the screen. Added "Monitor Mode". By clicking "Toggle mode", RB goes to a monitoring mode, a little form that is always on top, to make it easy to monitor cpu and ram-usage. When in monitor mode: -Double click the groupbox to show the full-size screen -Alt-S to send to tray -Alt-T to show full-size screen -Alt-O to run optimization. Added "Clear Clipboard" function New splash-screen by Jagerdude@hotmail.com.

May 27th
-------- Version still 1.4 Added new menu under "edit", Extras. It contains so far only one function, "Make shortcut on the desktop", but there is a certain reason why the "Extras" was added, wait for the future versions.....

May 25th
--------- Version still 1.4 Programmed the part that shows the splash-screen again. The previous coding caused error on certain systems (Cyrix and...?) if autolaunched minimized, and also caused problems when minimized. (received 1st mail about this yesterday, 3 more today, this was something that had to be done quickly) Optimized the code a little bit (the cpu-monitor part) Changed the icon, the new one looks better on the desktop.

------- Added selection to restart windows without rebooting. Program is re-coded using Delphi 4.0 Pro.

May 15th
-------- Version 1.4 Fixed a bug that occurred with systems with RAM 512mb or more added cpu-usage monitor added cpu-usage detect added possibility to use html-type help-files Fixed a bug in about-screen, the link to my site is now correct Fixed 1 minor bug (slidebar position was not saved if rebooted) Yesterday I saw "Zucchero Fornaciari Alive" in Club-Tavastia, Helsinki ;-)

May 9th
------- RamBooster is now available as an installation package, it uses InstallShield

May 5th
------- Version 1.3 Retry-count usable. Made the help-file smaller in size by reducing the size of the picture and added some information. Minimalized the program even more. Changed the indicator of free RAM to different kind, also free memory % is shown

April 29th
---------- Added Quick reboot selection in "File"-menu, to use if Windows needs to be rebooted. Use with care, no confirmation asked !!!

April 27th
---------- Version 1.21 just minor improvements. New splash-screen by Jef Bardsley. Thanks Jef ! :-) ( http://www.ultranet.com/~sandif) Added 1 more selection into Preferences, amount of ram to free when alarm-level is reached. Slidebar position is also saved into ini-file.

April 24th

---------- Awarded with FREEdom Star Award !!

April 22nd
---------- Selected to PC-Magazines "Daily download". Ranked Four stars "Editors Pick" !! (The reviewed version was 1.1)

April 21st
---------- Version 1.2 public and downloadable

April 20th
---------- - Version 1.2 ready to be sent for some selected users. New or improved features include: -Popup-menu on icon click (hundreds of e-mails about this one...) -Cursor-move on icon shows free RAM -Fixed a bug that occured on some 256mb systems (reported by Hawkman) -Optimized the code a little bit (thanks to Dale Robbins) -Made the main-form a little bit smaller -Changed info-screen text a little bit (Thanks Jef Bardsley) -Made form act like standard windows application, not stay on top anymore -A small Faq/Help is included -Preferences menu is now centered -Ram value can be selected only with slidebar

April 18th
---------- Ranked "Best" by NONAGS.COM !!

April 17th 1999:
---------------- -Version is still 1.1 -Including the version 1.2 help-file into .zip, slightly modified though. Working hard to give you people version 1.2. There are going to be a lot of changes in the program code of version 1.2. Most of them are not visible to the user, but they make the program run even better.

April 15th 1999:

---------------- -Finnish version available

April 14th 1999:
---------------- -Version still 1.1 -Changed the minimizing method. If you minimize program with "Minimize"-button, it goes to and only to system tray. If you minimize it normal way, it remains in the taskbar, so you can see the amount of free RAM all the time. Did this because so many people found it handy. -I have been asked to add a "General System Information"-selection into Info. (Amount of total RAM, memory load, size of the swap file etc.) Well, I am not sure if there is no use for such a thing, in version 1.2, maybe if I find it useful in my own tests. Techically it is no problem, it takes about 10 minutes to program that code. (In fact 1 API-call is enough)

April 13th 1999:
---------------- - Version 1.1 - Removed option 'Always on top' (nobody actually needed it) Program remains either always on top or in system tray -Program minimizes to system tray instead of taskbar (many people emailed me, asking for this feature) -Alarm level is user-defineable (maximum is quarter of total RAM, though) -Added sounds (on public demand, some people want to HEAR when alarmlevel is reached ) Zip-file includes 4 wav-files, but you can of course replace them with your own sounds, or turn off sounds in options/preferences after you get bored -Increased input-field length by 1 to make things easier for those with more than 99 megs of RAM -Programmed memory handling faster -Added option to autolaunch at Windows startup (I think this option makes many people happy..)
IMPORTANT : If You decide not to use RamBooster anymore, make sure that the selection to autorun RamBooster is unchecked before you remove the program. The only proper way to make this autorun-feature is to use registry and if you delete the program before unchecking the option, the value is left in registry. If this has already happened you can manually remove key 'RamBooster' in: HKEY-CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run DON'T DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! Doing something wrong may corrupt your registry and you may be forced to re-install Windows. RamBooster does not manipulate your system in any other way, since it is stand-alone, and I think that this program-type shouldn't change anything in your system, but in this case I could not avoid it. -There is also self-exctracting zip-file available on the website.

April 8th 1999
-------------- - Version 1.0 -This is the very first version of RamBooster that is public. Previous versions were in use only by me and my friends. Thanks to all the people, who have emailed me and encouraged me to keep on working with RamBooster. I never guessed that so many people would find RamBooster and start to use it daily. Suggestions and feedback is still welcome to my email,



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