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What Rambooster Users Say
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Please NOTE:
I have shortened some of these a little bit, I left out all suggestions etc. I can't either publish the names of the persons or other programs mentioned in emails.
First the ones with positive feedback, then negative.

Thank you so much for the wonderful program. I use Netscape and Win 95 for hours at a time and was always low on memory. Now with Rambooster I can open five browser windows at once and even download a file. Everything seems faster and I only have a Pentiun 133 with 56 meg of ram. I tried "XXXXXX" standard but I didn't like the way I had to manually hit the button to free up memory and I still had lockups. Your program works GREAT and even has cool sounds too. Thanks again, J.G

Thank you for the program. I much appreciate good freeware! Unsigned

Dear Memory Doctor, You have made a excellent program. I think its better then XXX XXXXX and all others as your program works much faster. Thanks I.K.

I am running Win98 using 98lite install ( www.98lite.net ), on a DX4-100 486 I was using XXX memory compactor RAMBOOSTER is the best I have seen. There is less overhead and greater RAM recovery, than with XXX. Good job..and... Thanx D.B.

I just wanted to thank you for a clean, efficient little utility that is so powerful and useful! I downloaded it yesterday from NONAGS, and just today had Netscape (v3.03G on Win95OSR2) bring down my system despite a stable 128MB swap file and 64MB RAM. So I tried RAMBooster and saw immediate effects! Thanks!!! ... .. . Sincerely, R.S.

I just wanted to say that RamBooster works! I have used XXXXX Pro, XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX 97, and your program is the only one that actually works to free-up physical RAM. The only other product that is useful to me is XXXXXXX97, but RAM compression slows most systems and really doesn't address Windows95 memory design flaws. ... .. . J.L.H

I've got it today. And it's quite fine. But ... : please, could we set up a retry count after which rambooster stop tryin' to free memory ! It's a little bit nasty cause I only have 32 mb on my machine ! Regards. :-] Unsigned

I just want to thank you so much for "RAMBOOST" your a genius, I've been having memory leak problems and windows 95 didn't know how to allocate my 128mg's but now thanks to your great program I get more free memory. I took your program to the max of 99megs free and to my surprise it lowered the load on memory and gave me 65megs of free ram. You saved me from countless headaches. Ps: I put your program in my startup folder and I run it before I start working, I think it would be interesting if "RAMBOOST" would load up automatically without having to manually click buttons, but its still worth the extra effort. Keep up the good work and I hope to see your ideas and products in major retail stores! and when I finish my website I would like to tell everyone about your great program, let me know if I can link you to my site. Once again THANK YOU! M.C.@xxxxxxx.com

I love it. Well done. W xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com

J. Pajula, Is there any chance of talking you into allowing us to set the lower limit where RamBooster starts adding memory? Also, it sure would be nice if RamBooster would start up in the task tray (next to the clock). Thanks for considering these requests and thanks for writing RamBooster. Sincerely, R.C

Thank you for making this program. My situation (and I'm sure many other people) is the shortage of RAM, regardless of what your computer has. There is another program that is available free, that is similar to yours, however, does not work in the background. It's manual. The commercial version is the same as yours. It's called:XXXXXXXXX. Again, Thanks --Richard.C

Then there is one person that did not like RamBooster too much, I suppose. It is good for him/her that RamBooster is free, so he/she did not spend any money for a program he did not like ;-) This is the only negative feedback I have received so far. (There is 1 bug report besides this)

tried ram booster kept getting alarm when i open programs like cuseeme then my system locks up when i open browser. i have XXXXXXXX it seems to work the same but with out problems Unsigned



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