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Here is a little comparison between RamBooster and
3 similar, but commercial programs.

Values while program sits in the tray doing nothing but
running in the background.

Name of the program
Memory usage
XXXTurbo 7.0% 10.0Mb(!!)
XXXMemPro 0.9 - 1.5% 2.3Mb
Win-RamBooster 0.5 - 1 2.0Mb 
RamBooster 0.2 - 0.4% 1.88Mb

(Win-Ram-Booster has nothing to do with my
original RamBooster. The author chose the same name
by accident, and continued to use it, because I had
nothing against it)

This comparison is supposed to be neutral and always remember that
my program might seem to be the best  BUT this is only 1 chart
and not the whole truth.
These things are difficult but remember this:
"Most people think, that you can tell the RAM usage of a program just by the size of it's executable. THAT's ABSOLUTELY WRONG !!! See XXXTurbo: The exe file
is only 512 KB big, but all in all it uses nearly 10 MB
(that's incredible, isn't it?)
This program does waste more RAM than it gives you back..."
(An e-mail from a person who used to use XXXTurbo)

That chart is mainly made to help you to compare the features
of this kind of programs in case you decide to buy one.

You should also remember that RamBooster is freeware and
I may decide to stop updating it anytime, and after that there is no
support anymore. If you buy a good commercial program from
a company that has other products also, not only 1 memory optimizer, you can be 100% sure you are not left alone if you have problems.

Noticeable is that Win-RamBooster has been updated very often, and
the program gets better and better all the time.
Unfortunately this means that it also eats more
resources than it used to.

Also the developers of XXXTurbo try hard BUT I just made some tests with their new version and I am sorry to say that even if it uses less memory than it used to, it still uses much memory, even if sitting in the tray, and when visible, uses the CPU heavily. Their problem is the "Tabbed Notebook" structure of the program. The "tabbed notebook" eats a lot of memory if you don't exactly know how to avoid that. There is a cure for this, and I hope they fix this, because actually XXXTurbo is "The Mother" of all this kind of programs.

Another problem of XXXTurbo is the heavy graphics used. This eats a lots of system resources (gdi and user) and causes cpu-readings to go wild. The resource usage is 4% and this is TOO much. If you are into nice looking interfaces etc. this one is your choice. The program looks really nice.

My suggestion : Less graphics and fix for the Tabbed Notebook-problem makes this program Rock'n Roll.

XXXMemPro has the very same problem with resources than XXXTurbo.

I have not seen any updates
to XXXMemPro for awhile. So my guess is that if you want good
commercial product support and updates, buy Win-RamBooster.
If you want a good looking program, your choice would be XXXTurbo

The program used to monitor these values is TaskInfo 98 by Igor Arsenin
and you can find it HERE
(TaskInfo 2000 available) Worth downloading, it is an excellent program.
Also other programs were used to monitor the values.


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