1. My computing tools

  1. Sunrise/Sunset Calculator C++ source
  2. Sunrise/Sunset Calculator C source
  3. Calculation of Sun position (Azimuth and Altitude), a Java-applet and a C++ source
  4. Simple calculations on the Earth and Sun with a Perl script New!
  5. A Turbo Pascal source and the compiled PC DOS executable for a simple Sunrise/Sunset calculator
  6. Position of Moon, a zip-package EXE and Pascal source (20 kB, updated 21-Apr-2000)
  7. Download the Sunrise/Sunset calculator (36 kB) for MS Excel
  8. Download the Sunrise/Sunset calendar table for one month period on MS Excel (56 kB)
  9. Daylength-Chart (88 kB) for MS Excel with
  10. Chart examples on the daylengths
  11. Solar energy chart calculated for 22-Sep-2000 on the latitudes 30 and 60 o (extinction coeff. 0.9)
  12. Location Calculator

2. Useful Diverse Tools on Web

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New! See my Midnight Sun Pictures

Updated March 9th, 2002